• What does VolunTeens do?


VolunTeens executes its mission through two operations. It directs students towards other nonprofits that can provide them with volunteering opportunities. VolunTeens also organizes its own team service projects in different fields for its members to participate in. 


  • How is the VolunTeens leadership organized? 


Our non-profit has a core student leadership team which consists of chiefs, coordinators at each school, and other managerial officers. The leadership team helps organize VolunTeens events such as the volunteer fairs and the group projects that the members participate in.



  • How is the volunteering system organized? 


Individual opportunities with partnering nonprofits are open to members and non-members, but the special VolunTeens-organized projects and programs are only open to members. VolunTeens provides the contact information and basic overview for those seeking individual opportunities with other nonprofits. The student must contact the nonprofit or program themself.



  • How do I get service hours? Do I keep track of them? 


For the time spent on VolunTeens projects only, members will use a service hour log provided by VolunTeens. As for the time spent on individual opportunities, students must communicate with the nonprofit of which they are volunteering for to find out how to keep track of and validate service hours. 



  • What’s the difference between non-members and members? 


Members can participate in the VolunTeens team projects. They are directly notified of upcoming opportunities to work on those projects. They also have the opportunity to be a part of the VolunTeens Leadership Team. 



  • If I attended the virtual volunteer fair, does that make me a member?


Attending the volunteer fair does not automatically make you a member, so please contact us if you’re interested in becoming one.



  • I attended the volunteer fair; what should I do now?


If you’re interested in our group projects, please follow the instructions in the next question. If you found one of the presented non-profits suitable to your needs and interests, you can find their contact information in the notes document attached in the follow-up email sent to all attendees. You will need to contact the separate nonprofit privately. 



  • How do you apply for a VolunTeens membership? What are the qualifications required?


You can apply to join VolunTeens by filling out the membership form here. As a general rule, all VolunTeens members must be rising or current high schoolers. 



  • How can I benefit from joining VolunTeens? 


Joining VolunTeens will give you opportunities to explore your interests in a supportive and fun team environment while also serving the community. Through the work you do in VolunTeens, you can gain valuable experience and develop important teamwork and leadership skills for the future. 


If you have any other questions regarding VolunTeens and/or its events, please feel free to let us know through any of our platforms.


Email us: volunteensco@gmail.com 

Text us: 410-920-8200

Instagram DM: @volunteens_

Facebook Messenger: @volunteensco

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