Want to share your love for music with a group of fun and music-loving youths while serving? Youth of the World Orchestra is a volunteer orchestra that works to promote cultural awareness, diversity, and unity and create positive change through the universal language of music. The group plays pieces from all around the world and performs at a variety of events including community gatherings and senior centers (now virtually due to the pandemic). They also host workshops and speaker series with professional musicians to help you develop as a musician. It is open to all youths who play any and all instruments, including traditional/cultural instruments! Interested in joining? please complete this registration form (https://forms.gle/6a96MtNh9r6BafL28) and contact them at [email protected] or through Instagram @ywomusic.

If you are interested in seeing what they do, check out YWO’s socials @ywomusic on Instagram and “Youth of the World Orchestra” on YouTube.

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